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Bowen Classic Arms is prepared to offer revolvers of greater sophistication and refinement than those featured in our regular catalog. These guns will require more handwork and attention to detail and are available in very limited numbers each year.

.50 Special Redhawk with l-frame style barrel

They may require forging, engraving and other specialty skills that we cannot provide in-house and utilize parts and materials that may be more difficult to procure. Consequently, our special-order guns will require more time to deliver than the usual catalog work, as long as 2-3 years in some cases. The simpler modification-non-standard barrel patterns, tops strap welding, etc. are not available separately but as options for the packages outlined in the general catalog. Nearly all of these modifications are covered in the book The Custom Revolver in considerable detail available on the website or call (865) 981-8869.

Factory Ruger barrels and cylinders: We have on hand a supply of take-off barrels and cylinders for most single-action and double-action revolvers. The supply changes constantly so please inquire for prices and availability. Please note: these parts must be installed by a competent gunsmith. Some other parts available.

Please order from the complete list of catalog numbers cited in the price sheet. Provide both the catalog number and the description and, where applicable, barrel length and caliber.


Best-quality Ruger single-action revolvers These guns have the same mechanical refinements and modifications as our standard, accurized, line-bored guns. The fit and finish, however, is far more refined and detailed, more akin to that found on custom long guns. Each is an integrated package built on ‘New Model’ guns (including the Single-Six) that includes the following:

· Accurized cylinder conversion with an oversize base pin, bolt bearing block
and trigger pivot spacer. Complete action/trigger tune with an over-travel stop.
· Octagonal or ovate ribbed barrel with an integral front sight base with a
pinned-in blade. Also available are round barrels with grooved rib and integral
front sight base or plain round barrels with integral front sight bases with a
windage-adjustable sight suited to fixed-sight guns.
· Trigger and hammer pivots are slotted to match the bearing block screw. The
ejector housing screw is regulated and blended to match the housing contour.
· Hand-filed and detailed exterior metal with hand-polished finish, completed
in one of the following styles:

1. Left in-the white
2. Color case-hardened receiver, gate and hammer with the balance blued
3. Blue with color-hardened hammer and trigger

· All finish combinations have nitred screws and pins. We also offer carbona or
rust blue at extra cost.
· Receiver and barrel markings are applied. Each gun receives its own best-quality
house serial number and is supplied with a written description and provenance.
· Grips: Exhibition-grade french walnut with a flushed escutcheon and regulated
screw is standard. Other material available*
· Proprietary Bowen Classic Arms adjustable rear sight fitted where appropriate.

Priced from $5,995.00, options include:

· Conversion (6-shot) on ’Old Model’ revolvers: includes
Blackhawk-style grip frame and trigger, special bearing
block and related modifications. Choice of calibers from
.218 Bee to .45 Colt, depending on receiver size, add $500.00*
· For .22 Rimfire conversion on ’New Model’ Blackhawk, add $350.00*
· For 5-shot conversions/calibers, add $250.00*
· For two-piece grip frames (Power Custom), add $400.00*
· For Bisley models, add $200*
· Damascus barrels, from $750, depending on material*
· For ivory grips, add $300.00*
· For carbona blue, add $250.00; rust blue, add $400.00*
· Engraving: Please inquire
· Custom top straps, related welding/heat-treat draw, from $600.00*
· Presentation cases with trade label: Please inquire


Custom single-action barrels Several more complex and sophisticated styles are available as options on our regular catalog offerings that utilize custom barrels. Made from both chromoly and stainless. Advise length, taper, caliber, etc., where applicable. Maximum available length is 8 ½ inches. Prices are in addition to standard package prices:

1. Octagonal: traditional pattern barrel with an integral front sight base with a pin-in blade. Includes a fitted steel ejector housing; specify straight or taper profile…$795.00 Optional Recoil lug $75.00; choice of external integral or hidden key type.

2. Ovate ribbed: graceful, ovate shape with flat rib and integral front sight base. Commonly found on nineteenth century single-shot rifles produced in Great Britain and perhaps the most beautiful of all barrel forms…$795.00

3. Ruger ‘Hunter’ model style round barrel with integral grooved rib cut for factory scope rings (included). Utilizes a factory-style front sight. Available untapered only…$995.00

4. Standard round profile with integral pedestal bases for Ruger scope rings (included)…$795.00

5. Round with integral grooved rib and front sight base, with or without scope cut. Standard version will resemble rib and base pattern on most S&W double-action guns. Scope cuts require an untapered barrel with a square-shouldered rib which resembles the Redhawk style barrel. From $795.00; for scope cuts and rings, add $250.00

6. Standard round barrel with an integral front sight base For Vaqueros and other fixed-sight guns. Front sight base machined either for a pin-in blade or a windage-adjustable dovetail type front sight. From $495.00. Extra pin-in blades are $50.00 each, extra fitted dovetail blades are $65.00 each.


Standard-caliber 6-shot line-bored caliber conversions While not listed in our regular catalog, we can still offer standard-caliber guns built to the same levels of precision and accuracy as our heavy 5-shot revolvers with all the same mechanical refinements. Cylinders are standard-diameter factory-style parts. Options available per the general catalog. ’New Model’ guns are available in most any caliber, including small rifle cartridges such as the .22 Hornet. From $1,995.00; Single-Six guns, add $500.00


Sedgley take-out cylinder revolver conversions
Based on the ‘New Model’ Ruger Vaquero (or Blackhawk), this modern recreation of the Sedgley lift-out cylinder revolvers is one of the most unique available. The cylinder is hand detachable (lifts out through the loading gate) and has its own double-action extractor for unloading instead of the usual barrel-mounted ejector rod and housing. Please see the Gallery.

The basic conversion features all of the receiver modifications (including the welding and post-weld heat-treat draw), one cylinder, a custom dovetail front sight, a tune-up and rebluing. Available in .38-40, .44-40, .44 Special, .45 Schofield and .45 Colt. Price on blue or stainless gun is $2,995.00. Other options are available per the general catalog. Extra fitted cylinder … $1,750.00

Presentation-grade Colt-style single-actions: Bowen Classic Arms is prepared to offer highly detailed and refined revolvers based on either selected Colt (1rst gen. only) of United States Patent Firearms revolvers. No expense is spared and no detail overlooked to produce the finest contemporary single-action revolvers. Only the best components are utilized.

Each is fitted and finished to perfection with all exterior surfaces detailed and hand polished just as are our best-grade Ruger revolvers. If necessary, custom cylinders will be utilized to procure the best throat and chamber specification. Custom barrels will be fitted with either traditional sights or our own Colt-pattern dovetail adjustable front sight. As far as possible, new Colt hammers and triggers will be used along with the finest domestic internal parts in order to provide durable, first-class tuning.

An oversize, factory-pattern base pin is also fitted. Each is sighted and regulated for Black Hills factory ammo, where available. Barrels (and receivers, if need be) are roll marked. Carbona bluing and color case finish is standard. Screws, pins and triggers are nitre blued. Colt hard rubber or one piece fancy french walnut are standard with ivory as an extra-cost option. All are mated to ground grip frames for the very best possible fit.

We can build either Army or Flat-top Target guns. A Light-weight version is also available as are Paradox guns with damascus barrels. Rimfire guns are a possibility. Several of these lovely revolvers are featured in the Gallery and our book, The Custom Revolver. Naturally, engraving in a variety of styles is available. Prices by quotation from $3,995.00.


Keith No. 5 revolvers For the first time, authentic reproduction of the Keith No. 5 are available. Utilizing archival material and United States Patent Firearms Flat-Top Target revolvers, Bisley backstraps, Colt and many custom parts, Bowen Classic Arms has produced a gun as faithful as possible to the original in every respect, right down to the top strap, base pin and latch, No. 5 grip frame and engraving. Each is hand finished and detailed in the best style.

The fine engraving by Dan Love is executed in the original pattern with nearly 100% coverage. Paul Persinger produces and fits the carved ivory grips which feature the original Mexican eagle motif. Carbona bluing completes the job along with nitred screws and a color case-hardened hammer.

These guns represent an enormous investment in time, research and construction and will be available in limited numbers, no more than one or two each year. $15,000.00 based on customer’s revolver.


Double-action barrel installations There are several non-standard barrel installations utilizing common double-action revolver barrels that make for inexpensive but unusually handsome results on both single- and double-action guns:

1. S&W barrels on Ruger New Model revolvers: S&W N-frame Target model barrels adapt readily to large-frame Blackhawks and Bisleys. The tapered, ribbed barrel is subtle and handsome pattern. Most calibers are available in blue or stainless from .41 to .45. Re-boring will get us to the .475 and .50 calibers. The underlug is cut off, a new shank threaded and the original caliber markings removed. The existing front sight will serve in many cases. Lengths work out from about 4 to 6 ½ inches. Priced from $495.00; subject to availability of suitable barrels.

2. Colt Anaconda barrel conversions for the standard Redhawk: Handsome vent-rib barrel is modified to fit by threading a new shank, cutting a new extractor slot and removing the original markings. Stainless steel only. Lengths work out to from around 3 to 6 ½ inches, or so, depending. .44 and .45 calibers are standard but can be rebored to the .50s. Please not: The Colt Anaconda may be out of production so the barrel supply is increasingly uncertain. From $695.00

3. Standard Redhawk barrel conversions for Super Redhawks: The Super Redhawk barrel is a homely affair without a rib, something that the installation of a standard Redhawk barrel will cure. As with most similar conversions, the underlug is machined off and a new shank threaded. In some case, the original markings must be removed and new ones applied. Existing front sight heights are usually correct. Available in 5 ½ or 7 ½ in. lengths in all calibers (some by reboring). From $495.00.

4. Ruger Redhawks with L-frame style barrels: In addition to the usual 5-shot cylinders, the guns are fitted with a graceful, refined full underlug barrel closely model after the S&W L-frame with grooved rib and an integral front sight base with pinned-in blades. Choice of patridge or Baughman ramp blades. Please see the .454 featured in the Gallery. Calibers include .44 Mag., .45 Colt, .454 Casull, .475 Linebaugh, .50 Special, .50 Action Express and .500 Linebaugh. Maximum 6-inch barrel length. .44 and .45 calibers guns are available with a square-shouldered rib cut to accommodate Ruger scope rings. All are available with an integral SSK Industries style expansion chamber muzzle brake. Blue or stainless. Priced from $2,995.00. For scoped barrels, add $250.00. For .50 AE caliber, add $100.00. Brakes are $195.00. In some case, we may assess an additional barrel stock charge for caliber and material combinations that are rarely ordered. Please note: L-frame barrels are not available separately, only with 5-shot cylinder conversions


Fixed-sight single and double-action top strap conversions: Receiver top straps are welded and remachined. Receivers are drawn post-weld and refinished. Various compatible barrel and front sight styles are available.

The Redhawk conversion is modeled on the classic S&W M&P much like the M1917. The top strap is welded up and reshaped then rib is removed from the barrel which is filed to round, leaving the ejector shroud and integral front sight base. Two front sight styles are available: either a pin-in or dovetail windage-adjustable front sight blade. Best done on 7 ½ in. blue guns (although stainless guns should be available in the future) with finished barrels from 3 to 6 inches. Done in the usual big-bore calibers from .41 to .50. From $2,750.00 in. .44 Mag.(with stock 6-shot cylinders). Options 5-shot caliber conversions, fancy grips, lanyard rings, etc.


We can also provide a wide variety of top straps for both Ruger Old and New Model medium and large-frame guns and the Colt New Frontiers.

1. Early Ruger Single-Six style with windage-only adjustable dovetail rear sight set into a top strap with beveled border. An especially handsome pattern-please see the Lt. Wt. .50 AE Blackhawk in the Gallery.

2. S&W M&P (similar to the Remington M1875). Perhaps the most lovely single-action top strap available. An excellent example is the best-grade .32-20 Old Model Blackhawk in the Gallery.

3. Colt Flat-Top Target style with dovetail windage adjustable rear sight. These should also be available with the late-style, screw-adjustable sights found on the early DA Colts. Either should be mated to a proper target-style barrel.

These receiver modifications will include all welding, post-weld heat-treat draw, machine work and repolishing/rebluing and are offered as options to regular catalog packages. From $695.00


This is a general outline of the projects that we are prepared to undertake and is by no means a complete list. We will be happy to discuss any project that we view as feasible and in keeping with the nature of our work.

Please see our regular catalog for ordering information and terms. Be sure to contact us prior to making as order for any special-order projects because some discussion early on will eliminate a great deal of confusion let us clarify what is practical and available. Thanks for your interest in our firm.


Terms: the fine print
contact & ordering

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