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Please note: these modifications are not available separately unless marked by an asterisk (*) and are otherwise offered only on packages outlined in this section of the catalog.


No. B100 Standard action/trigger tune Provides a smoother, softer feel to the action cycle. Timing is corrected, if required. Sear surfaces are adjusted for minimum creep. Pull weight is typically 3 ½ – 4 lbs. (Old Models: 2 ½ – 3 lbs.).

Please note: In the interests of dependability and improved function, we will add freewheel conversion (cat. no. B102) to New Vaqueros, New Model Flat Tops and any other models with the indexing pawl. The indexing pawl will be retained to provide indexing for loading but can be removed for a true freewheel pawl at no charge.

B100 $250.00


No. B101: Polished cylinder notch leedes Further smoothes the action cycle; chromoly cylinders reblued.

B101 $30.00


No. B102 Freewheel ratchet conversion Consists of the installation of a screw in the hand gallery to retract the hand a permit free running of the cylinder. On New Vaqueros, New Model Flat Top or any model with an indexing pawl, the factory hand is modified and the indexing pawl plunger deactivated. Permits the cylinder to run both directions when the loading gate is opened. Offers quieter loading, free of noisy clicks and make possible clearing the gun in the event of a bullet jumping crimp. Not available for Old Model (three-screw actions). Due to the design of the receiver, all Single-Six freewheel conversions will be accomplished with the Power Custom freewheel pawl.

B102 $65.00


No. B105 Deluxe action tune upgrade Added to the standard tuning on our conversions, this is our finest action work and adds to the basic tune-up a trigger over-travel stop and polished bolt notch leedes. Sear surfaces are remachined eliminate backlash. Reduced-pressure springs are utilized, only if necessary. Pull weight about 3 – 3 ½ lbs.; not available for Old Model actions.

B105 $125.00


No. B200 Oversize locking cylinder base pin Hardened, ground base pin with a knurled head for ease of removal. Features a headed lock screw which engages a small recess machined into the barrel and completely eliminates base pin movement under severe recoil.

B200 $75.00


No. B201 Belt Mountain factory-style oversize base pin Fitted and installed. Best for guns with low levels of recoil.

B201 $60.00


No. B210 Set headspace and cylinder endfloat Headspace is checked and set as required with endfloat set tight as possible consistent with receiver condition and free rotation. Please note: the barrel-to-cylinder gap may have to be set if it exceeds .007 – .008 once endfloat is set. Note also that this procedure describes a cylinder installation.

B210 $70.00


No. B220 Regulate barrel-to-cylinder gap Set at .003 – 004 or as indicated. Includes refitting the ejector housing and recutting the forcing cone. Excess cylinder endfloat, if not corrected, may require a long barrel gap. In some cases, the cylinder must be faced square to maintain a consistent gap. Please note: this procedure also describes a barrel installation.

B220 $150.00


No. B230(*) Hone/ream cylinder necks and throats Undersize throats and chamber necks (where indicated) are adjusted to the proper diameter to improve accuracy and minimize leading.

B230 $75.00


No. B240 Pin-in front sight conversion The simplest way to increase the height of the front sight, change the style of the blade or to install a black blade on a chrome-plated revolver. The old blade is removed and a pocket milled into the remaining base. A new blade is fabricated and secured to the base with a hardened roll pin. Please specify standard ramp, Baughman ramp or Patridge style blade.

B240 $195.00


No. B250 Sight regulationAnytime barrels are removed or installed or front sights are modified or installed, guns should be test-fired to verify windage and elevation, even on adjustable-sight guns. Please note on the order form the general sort of ammo you plan to use. This is very important for proper sight regulation. Specify No. B251 for fixed-sight guns.

B250 $95.00

B251 $125.00


No. B260 Serrate Vaquero front sight Rear face of the blade is serrated 80 LPI to reduce glare and dramatically improve the sight picture. Blade shape is preserved. Available for both blue and stainless. Cold blue touch up on moly parts.

B260 $25.00


No. B300 Shorten factory barrel Cut to all standard lengths. The factory sight is remounted using silver solder for absolute reliability. Lettering is removed only where it is cut through or badly eccentric relative to the ends. The external crown is detailed, the internal crown precisely recut and the barrel reblued. For 4 in. lengths, please specify No. B301 which also includes, re-installing, cutting and refitting the ejector tube, spring and base pin. Cat. No. B300 is also available with a target-length ejector housing (runs out to the muzzle on 5 ½ in. barrels); add No. B302.

B300 $225.00

B301 $295.00

B302 $95.00


NO. B303 SHORTEN 'HUNTER' MODEL BARREL Factory barrel is shortened to ejector housing length and recrowned; the lettering is carefully removed. The rib is machined to accomodate the factory detachable sight. Includes a custom serrated-ramp front sight (other styles available at extra cost; inquire). Bear in mind some scopes will be too long or too large in the objective bell to use with the shortened barrel, especially with the front sight in place.

Please add Cat. No. B250 Sight Regulation.

B303 $325.00


No. B310 Custom front sight When barrels are shortened or custom made, an elegant machined front sight is substituted for the factory sight. Serrated ramp pattern blade is standard; Baughman(serrated) and patridge also available by request. Applicable to Nos. B300 and B301.

B310 $95.00


No. B311 Express Front sight Small, tidy, hand-shaped express-style base. Removable blades are retained by an attractive cross screw designed for maximum recoil resistance and reliability. Includes one fitted Baughman ramp blade. Applicable only to cat. nos. B300, 301 and 320. Extra fitted blade no. B312 available.

B311 $295.00

B312 $50.00


No. B313 DX front sight Without doubt the most flexible and versatile front sight available. Includes installation (silver soldered) and shaping. Based on the Smith & Wesson DX system, it accommodates a wide variety of hand-detachable blades in every shape, height and style imaginable. Applicable only to nos. B300, B301 and B320. Please inquire about blade price.

B313 $95.00


No. B314 Install DX base on existing barrel Installed on existing barrel without shortening or other modifications. Available for blue or stainless guns; does not include rebluing, sight regulation, etc.

B314 $295.00


No. B315 dovetail front sight conversion Handsome, traditional base dovetails directly into the barrel and is drift-adjustable for windage. Slotted for removable blades which can be made of various materials (including old coins) and cut to various shapes and heights.

now hear thisThese cannot replace an existing front sight due to the conflict with the existing sight slot and must be installed in conjunction with cat. Nos. B300, B301 and B320.

B320 from $195.00


No. B320 Fabricate/fit custom round barrel Made from premium-quality barrel stock and supplied in a variety of calibers. Standard features include an 11 degree forcing cone, factory-style crown, custom front sight (No. B310) and rebluing. Barrel-to-cylinder gap set at .003 – .004; please note: in some cases, cylinder endfloat may require adjustment prior to rebarreling.

Please Specify the following:

· Contour: factory or untapered
· Length: up to 7 ½ inches
· Blade shape: ramp, Baughman ramp or Patridge

B320 $750.00

B321 Length over 7½ add $20/inch

B322 Stainless material available in most calibers. $25.00
May require use of B240 pin-in front sight conversion, depending on sight required.

B323 Target-length ejector housing (blue or stainless) installed $75.00

B324 Recoil-proof ejector housing installation. $125.00
Consists of recoil key, tube hold-down widget, custom screw, related machine work. Recommended for heavy magnum calibers.

* B311, B312, B313 or B314 custom front sights


No. B325 Octagonal Barrel Classic barrel style is suited to most Ruger single-action revolvers. Made from premium-quality barrel stock in both blue and stainless in 5 ½ and 7 ½ inch lengths Please specify) and is available in .44, .45, .475 and .500 (Linebaugh) calibers. Other calibers may be available by special order. Features include an external, integral recoil lug (suited only to steel ejector housings) and an integral front sight base which accommodates S&W DX hand-detachable front sight blades with a serrated ramp as standard. Please note that octagonal barrels are not available on Single-Six or medium frame New Model Flat Tops as well as New Vaqueros. Large frame New Model Flat Tops will work. A wide variety of blades are available as options; inquire. Installation also requires Cat. No. B250.

B325 $1,095.00


NO. B326 OVATE BARREL This handsome barrel form is traditionally found on British single-shot rifles of the black-powder era but works beautifully on single-action revolvers. Made from premium-quality barrel stock in both blue ands stainless in 4-5/8, 5-1/2 and 7-1/2 in. lengths. These feature a hidden recoil and a custom screw and hold-down plug to secure the ejector housing. Base is slotted for sight blades which are pinned in place. Choice for the following sight blade styles: 1.) patridge, 2.) Baughman serrated ramp or 3.) white-line ramp. Installation requires cat. no. B250.

Please note: Occationally ovate barrel installations will require welding up of the topstrap nose, reshaping and refinishing from $295.00.

B326 $1,195


NO. B327() S&W BARREL Ruger single actions have been mated to factory S&W barrels of a wide variety of calibers to create a fine fusion of factory styles. Alas we no longer have a good resource to rebore factory barrels over .45 caliber. When combined with the ever dwindling supply of factory take-off barrels for smaller calibers, custom made S&W style barrels are a must to keep this tradition alive. Made from premium-quality barrel stock in both blue ands stainless from 3-1/2 to 7-1/2 in. lengths. Rib and integral sight base tops are matte finished. The barrels feature integral DX-type hand detachable front sights for added flexibility. Installation requires cat. no. B250.

B327 $1,195


No. B328 NIMROD BARREL Our signature big-bore hunting revolver barrel. Available in 5-1/2 or 6-1/2 inch lengths in blue or stainless. The integral muzzle band adds recoil-dampening weight but does so on a relatively short barrel which keeps the handling quick and lively. The band also serves as a recoil shoulder for the ejector rod housing. In additional each installation includes a heavy-duty ejector screw and hold-down widget to increase durability. The express-style base is retained by two substantial screws and features a pinned-in blade. Choice of serrated or white-line ramp blades. The cat. no. B32865T 6-1/2 inch barrel installation includes target-length ejector housing and rod. Available in all typical Ruger large-frame and the small-frame (No. B328SF) Bisley calibers, standard and custom; includes caliber and company name markings. Installation requires cat. B250 Shoot For Regulation.

B328 $1,095
B32865T $1,195
B328SF $1,095
B328SF65T $1,195


No. B330 (*) Rechamber factory cylinder Cylinders may be rechambered to most any compatible caliber, a less costly option than a custom cylinder. The procedure allows for improved chamber and throat specifications which improve accuracy. Does not include the cylinder or installation. We often have appropriate cylinders available at market prices. Please inquire for specific needs and a quotation.

Please note: this service is not available for 5-shot factory .454 and .480 Bisley cylinders.

B330 from $275.00


No. B331 (*) Deepen Chambers in Factory Cylinder to .327 Federal For those customers who already have a cylinder in .32 H&R and wish to have the chambers deepened to accomodate the .327 Federal Magnum cartridge.

Please note: This service is available only for medium and large-frame revolvers. It is not suited to the .32 H&R Single-Six model due to the short cylinder body.

B331 from $125.00


No. B400 Provide/install steel grip frame Steel parts offer increased weight and improved fit and finish quality. Please specify Blackhawk (XR3-RED) or Super Blackhawk styles. Include reblue of receiver/grip frame assembly;stainless guns rebrushed. The new steel XR3 grip frames from the New Vaqueros and New Model Flat Tops are a restricted part from Ruger and are available only occasionally. This grip frame installation is for New Model guns only.

B400 from $495.00


NO. B401 PROVIDE/INSTALL STEEL GRIP FRAME ON OLD MODEL RUGER REVOLVERS Same modifications as cat. no. B400 but with the addition of a special Clements hybrid trigger adapts New Model Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk grip frames to Single-Sixes, Old Model Blackhawks and Super Blackhawks. Occasionally, we will have the New Model XR3 parts available, depending on supply. Unfortunately, the future availability of the required Clements hybrid parts is unknown at this time. In any case, the factory steel grip frames and related wide trigger for the Old Army model are no longer available.

B401 from $595.00


Disassembled two-piece Power Custom grip frame and one-piece Roy Fishpaw grips. Note special mainspring hanger utilized with one-piece grips.

No. B402 Provide/install Power Custom two-piece grip frame
First-quality parts, these two-piece grip frames are nearly identical to the fabled Colt SAA pattern. Parts are fitted then hand-polished with the bottom strap screw modified for improved appearance; Includes re-bluing of the grip frame and receiver. We will also re-blue the cylinder, barrel and related parts in the interests of the best bluing match but, please note that there may some additional metal preparation charges for these parts if damaged. The No. B402 installation is for traditional one-piece grips and includes a special mainspring hanger and precision grinding for the very best grip fit possible. The installation require custom grips; please inquire for recommendations.

B402 $1,495.00


No. B404 Decking grip frames Grip surfaces on Ruger grip frames are used as cast and are always slightly warped and uneven. For the very best possible grip panel fit, the sides of the grip frame must be machined true. When added to a package which does not already include rebluing add $195 as entire gun must be reblued. Please note: Available separately only where grip frame (only) is sent in without receiver attached. Includes dip reblue

B404 $150.00


A Pair of Flat Top Bisleys
No. B410 Bisley parts conversion Bisley model grip frame, hammer and trigger are provided and fitted to standard New Model guns. Includes reblue of gun; stainless guns available only with brushed finish. Please note as of late the factory grip frames are supplied as rough castings which will incur extra cost to finish. This option subject to availability of parts. Grips not included; inquire.

B410 from $695.00


No. B420 Provide/install steel ejector housing Replaces the aluminum part with a factory steel part for improved fit and finish.

B420 from $50.00


No. B430(*) Colt black powder cylinder chamfer The graceful, prewar style flared bevel is applied to fluted cylinders. Includes rebluing where necessary.

B430 $75.00


No. B440 Bisley hammer installation Bisley hammer is fitted and recontoured to fit Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk and Vaquero models for a handsome and handy low-spur hammer. This option subject to availability of parts.

B440 $95.00


Bisley-spur hammer on an Old Model Blackhawk.

No. B441 Bisley-Spur hammer installation For Old Model For medium and large-frame Old Model Blackhawks, Super Blackhawks, Flat Tops. From Power Custom or Dave Clements as available.

B441from $195.00


No. B450 Color case hardening A beautiful, traditional finish for revolver receivers and loading gates. Also applicable to hammers (specify no. B451) and, in some cases, triggers. Includes disassembly, including removing the firing pin and bushing to protect them from de-tempering during the process, polishing, and reassembly on completion. Does not include freight to Turnbull Restorations. Please note: Ruger is producing mostly stainless steel hammers and triggers at this time. The stainless steel hammers and triggers are not suitable for traditional case coloring. PVD coating, however, offers a graceful comprimise. Please inquire about this option.

B450 $550.00
B451 $125.00


No. B452 Refinish aluminum grip frame and ejector housing
Parts are refinished with ceramic paint which closely resembles original factory anodizing.

No. B452 $125.00


No. B453
Nitre Blue Screw and Pin Set Pivot pins and screws receive the traditional peacock blue color. For stainless guns (specify no.B454) the pivot pins and screws must first be replaced with chromoly parts before nitre bluing.

No. B453 $75.00
No. B454 from $95.00


No. B460 Scalloped receiver and loading gate Recoil shield and loading gate are scalloped in the ‘20s style to lighten the gun. Adds a unique, handsome appearance to any single-action revolver. Available as an option on stainless guns or in packages where the gun is to be refinished. If combined with a package where rebluing is not already included then a $95 fee will be added to reflect that cost. Guns in rough condition can incur additional refinishing costs. As the barrel will have to be taken off please add catalog no. B250 or B251 to reshoot for regulation. This option is now available for the Single-Six models.

B460from $175.00


No. B470 Flute/black powder chamfer unfluted cylinder Done in the factory style on both custom and factory parts and includes polished flutes and rebluing, if indicated.
B470 $295.00



Terms: the fine print
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