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please read as this is very important information.

Because our GP44 conversions utilize a variety of factory and custom barrels, it is simpler to contemplate the receiver and barrel modifications separately. The basic GP44 conversion will include these modifications, whether fitted with a 6-shot factory cylinder or a custom 5-shot part:

· receiver modifications, including removing the original barrel,
shortening the receiver nose, re-contouring the top strap and de-lettering

· barrel installation, not including the barrel, related barrel
and sight work or sight regulation

· trigger/action tune

· extra-length firing pin

· Rough Country rear sight and matching front sight blade
appropriate to the base or barrel style

Providing a barrel completes the work. We usually have a fair stock of basic factory barrels available. Since there are a variety of barrel modifications and options available, it is best to consult with us for a quotation. Costs are typically as follows:

· provide factory standard Redhawk barrel; from $150.00 depending on
type and caliber. Supply varies.

· shorten factory barrel and provide/install DX base … $365.00

· provide/install DX base on a 4-in. factory barrel (includes recrowning and remarking the factory barrel and filling the original pin holes) … $310.00

· for .45 Colt and .454 caliber GP conversions 2-3/4(finished at close to 3-in.) and 4-1/4 in. Anaconda barrels, add $1,045.00.

Please note: We cannot provide rebores for already ported barrels due to risks of damage to both barrel and rebore tooling.

· custom barrel installations include .44 and .45 8 in. Colt Anaconda barrels (very scarce and rarely available), and our own L-frame and SP-style parts … Inquire.

Please note: Other Redhawk options are available for the GP44 conversions, including black powder cylinder chamfers, lanyard rings, matte finishing, etc. Please see the ‘Options’ section.


Terms: the fine print
contact & ordering

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