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(for Catalog Gun Work Only)
Terms: The fine print
Catalog Price list



E-mail shop@bowenclassicarms.com
Please include your phone number in any e-mail correspondence.
Phone (865) 984-3583
Parts (orders only, please) (865) 981-8869
Fax (865) 981-8869


Please order from the complete list of catalog numbers cited in the price list as there are additional catalog numbers and services that do not necessarily appear in the general catalog. Please also review any attached letters and other sheets that may accompany the order form as they may contain important updates on new products and ordering procedures. Please use our order form, noting both the catalog number and the service name/description. Simply fill out the form as completely as possible, attached any deposit requested and enclosed with the gun. To minimize confusion and delay, please observe these procedures as closely as possible. Feel free at any time to contact us with any questions concerning ordering.

now hear this If the services you wish to order do not have a specific catalog number, it is imperative that you call us before ordering in order to ascertain that the goods and services you seek are actually available. As far as possible, all work is done in packaged form, and not a la carte.


We will advise of any necessary deposits. Deposits are unnecessary except where jobs entail a great deal of parts or services from outside vendors. Please DO NOT pre-pay in full. The balance is due immediately on notification by invoice (shipment will follow on receipt and funds and the completion of any work that may remain). At this time, you will be asked to confirm the details of the dealer where you would like the revolver shipped. Payment by money order, cashier’s check or credit/debit card (VISA/MC). Please note: due to banking costs, credit/debit card purchases will be assessed an additional 5%. Tennessee residents must add 9.75% state sales tax for transactions not conducted through a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder. Past due accounts will be charged 1.5% per month. No CODs.


Firearms may legally be shipped between owners and gunsmiths/manufacturers, via common carrier, without the services of an FFL holder (27 CFR, part 178.147). However, this is no longer the stated corporate policy of both UPS/FDX. As a result BCA no longer ships via UPS/FDX. Postal regulations also state that firearms may be mailed only between licensed dealers. Customers should seek the assistance of a local FFL holder to ship a firearm. BCA can receive shipments via UPS/FDX or USPS, but firearms will be exclusively be returned via USPS Registered Mail back to the FFL of the customer's choice. Please also take note of any state or local regulations which govern the transfer of firearms which may impact the conveyance and return of your firearm.

When shipping, please follow these steps:

1. Remove scopes, mounts and other accessories not necessary to the work. Please DO include the grips. Please make sure the gun is reasonably clean.

2. Enclose an order form filled out as completely as possible. Unless payment is to be made by credit card, please note any deposits made in the form of checks or money orders. Incomplete or illegible order forms are a major cause of delay and confusion in processing orders, even yours. Write so we can read it!

3. Package your firearms securely but do not wrap packages in paper. Insure your firearms. See that they are unloaded.

4. For additional security when shipping, request a ‘delivery confirmation/signature required’ service. If you wish to verify arrival of your gun at our shop, please retain your package tracking number and contact your carrier. Do not call us to confirm the confirmation.

5. Due to the considerable paperwork, voluminous correspondence, risks and costs associated with international sales, we do not accept orders for custom revolver services, complete guns or parts beyond the borders of the United States. Shipping rates and conditions are subject to change without rhyme, reason or notice.

In order to minimize the bonanza UPS and FedEx enjoy with their piratical overnight shipping requirements for handgun owners, we strongly recommend against shipping handguns in great, heavy hard cases. These can weigh 5-10 lbs. and double the cost of return shipping. This extra baggage must be factored into the cost computations. $100+ charges are not unknown. As far as possible, please ship in factory boxes or cases contained within UPS or FedEx shipping boxes. These boxes are free—sort of. Be sure to insure your gun for fair replacement value.

(UPS or FDX Only):

BCA Corporation
3512 Old Lowes Ferry Road
Louisville, TN 37777

(Anything sent via USPS):

Bowen Classic Arms Corp.
P. O. Box 67
Louisville, TN 37777

now hear thisIf you wish to mail letters and packages to us, do not under any circumstances mail them to our shipping/physical address. The Post Office will refuse to deliver them then return (if you are lucky) or lose them. Delivery to us will not be one of the options. If you mail, please use the mailing address.


Warranty: Though Bowen Classic Arms Corporation is concerned for the satisfaction of its customers and will reasonably address any mechanical or cosmetic difficulties with the provided goods and services, no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, is made. The buyer and all future users assume all risk and liability stemming from the use of these goods and services. Please contact us before returning a gun for inspection or repair otherwise shipping is automatically taxed to the owner.


Terms: the fine print

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