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Our basic packages offer a useful mix of well-integrated modifications to produce handier, more flexible revolvers.

Please note: In the interests of dependability and improved function, we will automatically add freewheel pawl modification (cat. no. B102) to trigger tunes on New Vaqueros, New Model Flat Tops and any other models with the new indexing pawl system. The indexing function will be retained but can be deactivated on request to provide a true free-spin pawl at no charge.

Where a conversion includes rebluing the parts set, price is for gun in excellent condition with minimal bluing wear and use. Abused guns showing excessive dings, nicks and bluing wear will incur extra costs. Likewise stainless guns are rebrushed to best appearance. Abused guns will incur extra costs.


No. RS01 ‘Standard Issue’ Applicable to all Ruger single-action revolvers, our most basic package contains the essentials to good shooting and dependability:

· Trigger tune; reassembly with Loc-tite to keep screws tight
· BCA oversize locking base pin installed
· Forcing cone checked and recut, if necessary
· BCA Rough Country adjustable rear sight installed

For Vaqueros, please select one of the following options in lieu of the rear sight installation:
1. Hone/ream cylinder throats
2. Black powder cylinder chamfer and polish notch leedes

RS01 $495.00


No. RS02 ‘Western Classic’ Conversion This combination of features brings a touch of traditional elegance to improved mechanical performance. Available for all blue Ruger revolvers including the Vaqueros, the ‘Old Army’ and Single-Six models. Please note: Ruger is producing mostly stainless steel hammers and triggers at this time. The stainless steel hammers and triggers are not suitable for traditional case coloring. PVD coating, however, offers a graceful comprimise. Please inquire about this option. Includes the following:

· Trigger tune
· Polish cylinder notch leedes
· Color case harden receiver, gate and hammer
· Black powder cylinder chamfer
· Reblue remaining parts

RS02 $1,095.00


No. RS03 ‘Perfected’ Bisley The Ruger Bisley is the finest all-around working revolver in the world. No other offers better value or superior handling. For blue, adjustable-sight models only, these simple modifications add the last measure of refinement to this great revolver:

· Trigger tune
· Polish cylinder notch leads
· Oversize, locking base pin
· Cut barrel to 4-5/8 or 5-½ inches
· Traditional custom front sight (choice of patridge or serrated ramp blades)
· BCA Rough Country adjustable rear sight
· Reblue parts set

RS03 $850.00



Perfected Bisley No. 2 on a Stainless Bisley

No. RS03(2)
‘Perfected’ Bisley #2
Includes all of the features above but incorporates the latest developments in front and rear sights. Suited to both blue and stainless adjustable-sight Bisleys, this version utilizes the Weigand DX front sight base which accepts a wide variety of hand-detachable blades and the Bowen Classic Arms Rough Country heavy-duty adjustable rear sight. Choice of two sight packages:

1. White outline/square notch rear and white-line front blades or
2. V-notch/white post rear and tritium-dot front blades

Please note: Both of the ‘Perfected’ Bisley packages are suited to most any Ruger single action and can also be performed without cutting the barrel where a longer barrel is preferred.

RS03(2) $950.00



Perfected Bisley No. 3 on a Factory 5-Shot Bisley

No. RS03(3)
‘Perfected’ Bisley #3
Dedicated to the factory Ruger 5-shot .454 and .480 Bisle, the No. 3 package includes all of the modifications from the No. 2 package but adds a dedicated locking base pin to match the factory base pin lock recess in the barrel. In addition, a hidden recoil lug for the ejector housing and a special housing screw and clamp are fitted to eliminate ejector screw failures common on guns with severe recoil.

When ordering, please specify:
1. Barrel length: cut to 5-½ inches or left at 6-½ inches
2. Choice of sight packages

Please note: the addition of option no. B250 is necessary; we use typical factory ammo or equivalent for testing unless otherwise arranged.

RS03(3) $1,095.00


All blue Light-Weight Vaquero
No. RS04 ‘Light Weight’ Conversion
This traditional, pre-war style light-weight gun is both handy and handsome. Based on the popular Vaquero (both Old and New models), the modifications are suited to both stainless and blue guns with recoloring optional. Includes:

· Trigger tune
· Barrel cut to 4 in.; custom-made, traditional dovetail-style front sight installed
(available for 5 ½ and 7 ½ in barrels only)
· Bisley hammer fitted
· Scalloped recoil shield and loading gate
· Black powder cylinder chamfer
· Includes re-bluing (brushed finish on stainless) of parts set

RS04S $1,350.00 (stainless)
RS04B $1,450.00 (blue)
RS04C $1,750.00 (blue and color case finish)
RS04CAL $595.00 Optional simple caliber conversion on above, including related barrel and cylinder work and remarking receiver caliber designations. Popular caliber choices include .44 Special and .45 ACP. Please note: High-gloss stainless Vaquero will be refinished to a factory-style brushed stainless finish. We do not offer a high-gloss finish.


Kenai .44 Special Flat Top

No. RS04K ‘Kenai’ Conversion The Kenai is a compact, powerful sidearm for well suited for protection against bears and other varmints encountered by fishermen, hikers, guides and outdoor professionals who frequent the back country. Sights will be regulated for typical heavy-bullet loads unless otherwise arranged. Available for both Blackhawks and Bisleys, the Kenai will feature these modifications:

· Trigger tune
· BCA oversize locking base pin
· Barrel cut to 4 inches and fitted with a Weigand DX-type front sight base
· Bisley hammer fitted. Please note: Blue New Model hammers are no longer available so stainless parts will be used, regardless of gun finish. On Old Model guns, only blue hammers are available.
· BCA Rough Country heavy-duty adjustable rear sight
· Recoil-proof ejector housing installation
· Black powder cylinder chamfer
· Lanyard ring
· Extra-cost option as shown in photograph: Scalloped recoil shield; please add cat. no. B460

Choice of two sight packages:
1. White-outline/square notch rear and white line front blades
2. V-notch/white post rear and tritium dot front blades

RS04K $1,395.00
RS04KB $1,495.00 (blue guns)
RS04CAL from $595.00 Optional simple caliber conversion on above, including related barrel and cylinder work and remarking receiver caliber designations. Popular caliber choices include .44 Special and .45 ACP.

Please note: Old Model guns will utilize either Power Custom or Clements Custom Gunsmithing Bisley spur hammer as available; cost is an additional $150.


Terms: the fine print
contact & ordering

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