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Please note: The new-style 2-3/4" and 4" Ruger Redhawk barrel with traditional detachable front sights are not compatible with a DX front sight base conversion.


No. RD01‘Standard Issue’ The most basic modifications necessary to reliable performance. Includes:

· trigger/action tune
· provide/install heavy-duty, extra-pressure mainspring; if necessary
· provide/install Rough Country adjustable rear sight
· extra-length firing pin installation (blue guns reblued)
· provide/ install BCA factory style front sight: crisp, sharp matte finish part for better sight picture; choice of factory-style ramp, Baughman ramp or Patridge blade shape; choice of stock or extra height (plus .040 for factory calibers) for heavy bullets. White-line ramp and McGivern Patridge bead blades are available on a custom basis at extra cost. Please inquire.

RD01 $625.00 (for stainless Standard Redhawks and .44 Mag. Super Redhawks only)

RD01B $835.00 (blue)

RD01AK/4IN $730.00 (for Super Redhawk Alaskan and 4-in. pin-in front sight Standard Redhawk models only)

Please note: rough guns can incur addition metal preparation for bluing which can add to costs.


No. RD01 ‘Standard Issue’ No. 2 For the Super Redhawk Alaskan models as well as the original 4-inch pin-in front sight Standard Redhawks. Contains all the modifications in the RD01 package but adds DX-type base and a serrated ramp blade. A wide variety of DX and custom sight blades are available at extra cost; please inquire. Original sight pin holes are plugged for best appearance. For best results, we also recommend adding cat. no. R250 Shoot For Regulation.

Super Redhawk Alaskan with a DX base and custom sights

RD01(2) $1000.00


No. RD02K ‘Kodiak‘ conversion Includes all of the modifications of the standard Alpine except that square-butt grip frame is retained in the interests of improved recoil control and handling. For gun retention, a lanyard ring is added. Cat. No. RD04K45 combines the 'Kodiak' conversion .45 Colt caliber conversion. The caliber conversion can be performed on any standard 6-shot Redhawk caliber (.357, 41 or .44 calibers).

Please note: The new 2-3/4" and 4" Ruger Redhawk barrels with traditional detachable front sights are not compatible with a DX front sight base conversion.

Sight options:

Front — White-line, serrated ramp or Patridge. Please inquire for custom options.
Rear — Square-notch/White outline, Target style or Express style V-notch.

RD02K $1,420.00 (stainless)

RD02KB $1,525.00 (blue)

RD02K45 $1,835.00 (stainless)

RD02KB45 $1,940.00 (blue)


No. RD03 Standard 6-shot Colt Barrel Conversions Includes all of the features in our cat. no. RD01 ‘Standard Issue’ pkg. and the installation of a Colt double action barrel. Colt Anaconda barrels for the standard Redhawk and modified GP44 Super Redhawk Alaskan receivers or Python barrels on GP100's. The barrel is polished to match the factory finish, modified as necessary and carefully fitted to the receiver. Choice of finished length of being one iteration shorter than the furnished barrel. For example, a 6" barrel can be cut back to either 4-1/4" or slightly less than 3". The barrel is remarked as to caliber. Includes a new pinned blade front sight of the correct height; choice of Patridge, serrated ramp or white-line ramp styles. Please advise general ammo type. Conversion requires the addition of cat. no. R250 Shoot for Regulation. In addition to existing matched caliber Redhawk and barrel, any standard 6-shot caliber Redhawk (.357, .41, or .44) and may be utilized for this conversion by adding cat. no R330 to re-chamber the factory cylinder. Please inquire as to the availability of barrels, otherwise they must be furnished by customer.




No. RD04GP Super Redhawk Alaskan GP-44 Combines the superior action and recoil-handling of the Super Redhawk with the more compact and versatile standard Redhawk. Available in a wide variety of configurations in all factory Alaskan calibers. The GP-44 conversion is only applicable to Super Redhawk Alaskan models.

RD04GP from $1,150.00


No. RD05 Standard 6-shot Custom Barrel Conversions For both Standard Ruger Redhawks and GP-44 Modified Super Redhawk Alaskan models, these conversions employ the original 6-shot factory cylinders while offering unique custom barrel options. All of the RD05 packages include all the features from the RD01 ‘Standard Issue’ package. Both the S&W L-Frame style or Ruger SP-type custom barrels are made to order from premium barrel stock. Optional muzzle brake (cat. no. RD05MB) is a chambered style with a restrictor plate, all machined integral to the barrel but will only be available in .480 caliber.

RD05L $2,700.00 L-Frame barrel conversion (stainless)

RD05LB $2,785.00 (blue)

RD05LGP $3,355.00 GP-44 & L-Frame barrel conversion

RD05MBadd $395.00

RD05SP $2,700.00 SP barrel conversion (stainless)

RD05SPB $2,785.00 (blue)

RD05SPGP $3,385.00 GP-44 & SP barrel conversion

RD05MBadd $395.00


Terms: the fine print
contact & ordering

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