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Big Bore Conversions for
Ruger Double-action REVOLVERS


Please Note: We can no longer accept new barrel reboring jobs at this time.
See the news section for details.

The Redhawk, with its robust frame, large-diameter barrel shank and capacity for larger cylinder, is an excellent candidate for 5-shot caliber conversions. Like the 5-shot single-action cylinders, the bolt notches fall between the chambers rather than over them where the chamber walls are thinnest. The cylinder are also significantly longer which allows the use of the heavy bullets necessary to effective big-game hunting performance. The distinctive, unfluted cylinders are chambered for the same cartridges as the 5-shot single-actions.

Each conversion includes a complete action/trigger tune, over-travel stop and an extra-length firing pin conversion. Caliber designations are remarked where appropriate. Please specify caliber and barrel length, where applicable. Various options, such as rear sights, shortened barrels, etc., are available.

Please note: We recommend the Super Redhawk (stainless .44 model only)
be used for .475 Linebaugh conversions due to heavy recoil.

Please note: We cannot provide rebores for already ported barrels due to risks of damage to both barrel and rebore tooling.

Please note: The new 2-3/4" and 4" Ruger Redhawk barrelss with traditional detachable front sights are not compatible with a DX front sight base conversion.


Big-bore conversions are chambered for:

.45 Colt: Loaded to its full potential (only in 5-shot cylinders), the .45 Colt is the most practical and flexible of all the big-bore revolver cartridges and is capable of propelling 300 – 350 gr. bullets to 1400+ fps.

.480 Ruger: A fine factory cartridge of intermediate power, well-suited to most big-game hunting but without the recoil of the .475 Linebaugh. .480 cartridges will function perfectly in .475 chambers.

.475 Linebaugh: Now factory-loaded, the .475 Linebaugh is the most effective big-game revolver cartridge available. It is capable of shooting 400 – 425 gr. bullets to 1350+ fps. Recoil and muzzle blast are extremely severe and not for the inexperienced.

The .50 Calibers: The .50 Special is a wonderfully accurate and pleasant round with minimal recoil and muzzle blast, shooting 300 – 350 gr. bullets to 800-900 fps. Now a factory-loaded cartridge, the .500 Linebaugh is the most powerful .50 and is an effective big-game cartridge, especially at close range. It will heave 400 – 450 gr. bullets to 1200 – 1250 fps.


No. RD06 5-shot ‘Kodiak’ Our 5-shot Redhawk conversion to the ‘Kodiak’ configuration and includes a fluted cylinder with the black powder cylinder chamfer. This variation on the Kodiak theme shares all of the fine attributes of its 6-shot cousin but with a tremendous infusion of power. Recoil is unpleasant in the larger calibers but these guns are nonetheless a great comfort in the streams and on the trail of serious bear country. Limited to .45 Colt only based on a factory standard Redhawk barrel.

Please note: The new 2-3/4" and 4" Ruger Redhawk barrels are not compatible with a DX front sight base conversion.

RD06 $2,995.00 (stainless)

RD06B $3,100.00 (blue)


No. RD07 5-shot Super Redhawk A factory-style custom barrel produced from premium-quality stock is installed and fitted with a DX front sight base. Choice of lengths up to 9 ½ inches; maximum length of 7 ½ inches in .475 and .50 calibers. As an alternative to the round barrel, a custom S&W style barrel with a DX front sight base can be added with optional muzzle brake. The maximum length offered for the S&W style barrel is 6 ½ inches.

Please note: Due to the risk of removing barrels from .454 and .480 Super Redhawk receivers without damage to the components and the problem of matching the factory grey coating, we do not offer any of our services for these models. Caliber conversions are best done on the brushed-finish .44 Magnum Super variant which suffers from none of these difficulties.

5-shot conversion with standard round barrel

5-shot conversion with S&W style barrel

RD07 $2,680.00

RD07SW $3,775.00

RD07MB add $395.00


No. RD07GP 5-shot Super Redhawk Alaskan GP-44 Combines the superior action and recoil-handling or the Super Redhawk with the more compact and versatile standard Redhawk. Available in a wide variety of configurations in the usual 5-shot chamberings; please see the tech notes for additional information.

RD07GP from $2,575.00


No. RD08 5-shot L-frame Caliber Conversion For the standard Redhawk and modified GP44 SRH AK Redhawks, this conversion features an L-frame style barrel with A groove rib with an integral front sight base machined to accept DX-type hand-detachable sight blades. Included is a Bowen Classic Arms Rough Country rear sight with a white-outline/square-notch blade. Available in most calibers. Optional muzzle brake (cat. no. RD08MB) is a chambered style with a restrictor plate, all machined integral to the barrel. Unobtrusive and effective, the brake is especially recommended for the .475 and .500 Linebaugh chamberings.

RD08L $3,880.00 (stainless)

RD08LB $3,985.00 (blue)

RD08LGP $4,510.00

RD08MB add $395.00


NO. RD08SP 5-SHOT SP-STYLE CALIBER CONVERSION For the standard Redhawk and modified GP44 SRH AK Redhawks, this conversion features an SP-frame style barrel with an integral front sight base machined to accept DX-type hand-detachable sight blades. Built to the same specifications as our L-frame barrel conversions but with the distinctive barrel form from Ruger’s own small-frame SP101 revolver. Gun shown features our optional muzzle brake.

RD08SP $3,880.00 (stainless)

RD08SPB $3,985.00 (blue)

RD08SPGP $4,510.00

RD08MBadd $395.00


Terms: the fine print
contact & ordering

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