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FOR SALE updated October, 2018 From time to time, we will have shop sample guns, prototypes, parts and other items for sale. All are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted. All are available on a first come, first served basis. Please note that we are always willing to entertain trades—please see our WANTED section.

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Except as otherwise noted, all guns sold in the For Sale section are built to the same exacting standards as bespoke guns ordered through our catalog of services. Modifications performed on these guns are described in detail in the Catalog section. Sales of these guns are governed by the terms, conditions and limitations spelled out at our on-line CATALOG, TERMS, WELCOME/important information, CONTACT sections and the downloadable order form. Feel free to get in touch with any questions: shop@bowenclassicarms.com

Before committing to the purchase of firearms listed for sale here, please make certain that your state will allow their importation. Some states, particularly California, Massachusetts and, perhaps, New York, may not allow the production of or purchase of custom guns from out of state or guns of certain vintages which may not meet state-imposed ‘safety’ and design mandates. It is imperative that you consult with your local authorities in hostile jurisdictions before order or purchase. In any case, firearms can be shipped only to an FFL holder. Bear in mind that there may be local charges in the form of NICS fees, state and local sales taxes and dealer transfer fees.

Please note: We’re currently very interested in purchasing or taking certain guns in trade: Old-Model Rugers that are not Retrofitted. Stainless steel standard Redhawks, .44 Super Redhawks, blue and stainless adj.-sight Bisleys, .44 Flat Tops and .38/44 HD S&Ws. We also need N-frame target-style barrels, blue or stainless in .41, .44 and .45 cal. 6in. or longer lengths. Now is a good time to dispose of surplus guns. We are also looking for good USFA Bisley or Flat Top Target models, but only those with factory hard rubber grips. For additional informations & items we are seeking, please see our wanted section.

Keep an eye on this page for some fantastic guns and see our short list below. As guns are completed, we’ll post photos of them unless already sold.

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now hear this Due to changes in legislation; At this time we can no longer sell any firearms for delivery into certain states. Please consult State/local ordinances or contact us directly for further details. we Apologize for any Inconvenience.


RUGER .454 GP44 SUPER REDHAWK — One of the house signature offerings is a modified Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan created by removing the receiver nose and adding a barrel for a standard Redhawk. The result is a Redhawk of relatively conventional lines but with the late-style two-spring more tunable action found on both the smaller GP100 and SP101 models. This example retains the factory 6-shot .454 cylinder which also handles all manner of .45 Colt cartridges suit to plinking and recreational shooting. While the 5-inch custom SP-style barrel is heavy enough to help dampen the considerable recoil of full-power loadings, the gun is still well-balanced and lively in its handling, making for an excellent all-around gun suited to both back-up duties and hunting. The barrel also has provision for hand-detachable (DX system) front sight blades in the integral sight base. The white-line ramp front sight fitted is well-suited to our Rough Country heavy-duty rear sight with square-notch/white-outline blade, a great combination when used in poor light or against a dark-colored target. In addition to a lanyard ring, the gun is fully tuned and sights regulated. Available for delivery around mid-October. Price is $3495 plus HIS.



On another note: A good customer and fellow traveler has decided to thin his collection. Subsequently this Colt is in need of new home. Please note: This firearm are not being offered for sale by Bowen Classic Arms. Please direct all inquiries directly to the seller Mr. Bob Alford. He can be contacted via e-mail: gradia013@gmail.com.

2nd Gen. SAA - 7.5" Barrel - Blue/CH - .45 Colt Cal. - Genuine Stag Grips - Tuned by Bob Munden - $2,500



Terms: the fine print
contact & ordering

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