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Dear Friends:

I am constantly seeking guns and parts for purposes of research for shop projects, magazine pieces and, perhaps, another book project or two. As a general rule, these guns and parts do not have to be serious collector’s items with lots of original finish but rather decent, salvageable examples pieces suitable for building nice shooters or for study.

While I prefer to trade our services (at favorable rates) for these items, we do purchase them in many cases. Be sure to poke around at our For Sale section as we’ll be happy to contemplate trades for these pieces. Our e-mail address is shop@bowenclassicarms.com. When responding via e-mail, please also include a phone number as we occasionally encounter computer problems and may need to resort to a different communications medium.


Here’s the current Hot List of items we’re looking hard to find

* Need new unfit or clean take-off Blue Ruger New Model Flat Top or New Vaquero steel grip frames. Ruger Part # MVQ00301.

* .22 CCM brass

* Need a square-butt M36; finish wear fine but needs to be mechanically sound. Need also Smith & Wesson .22 rim-fire cylinders for models 34 and 63 and 51 and 651 (prefer blue but stainless ok); regardless, need to have the thicker, pinned extractors. Also a 4-in barrel for an M34.

* Charles Daly ‘Prussian’ pre-war .22 Hornet rifle (or action).
Made by Franz Jaeger of Suhl on the Herold patent.

* M54 Winchester .22 Hornet rifle

* Webley or Parker-Hale MKVI .22 conversion unit with .22LR cylinder and liner barrel.
Ok to be fitted to an original gun.

* Zidi 5.7X35R cal. (very similar to .22 Hornet) sporting rifle. These hi-quality magazine rifles (similar to Sako, Walther and BRNO in quality) were produced in Germany in the 1930s and have a detachable box magazine.

* BRNO M611

* S&W K22 Barrels


I am additionally eeking the following .22 for testing/photos/research for a planned book on fine .22s. Especially happy to take these in trade for work, parts, etc. Will also consider purchasing these, too. Spread the word among your friends and family.

* Winchester M1885 Winder .22 Short musket; needs an excellent bore, original sights/wood and be in clean condition.

* Parker-Hale or Webley .22 conversion kits for both medium-frame MKIV and large-frame MKVI top-break service revolvers. These will have both a liner barrel and cylinder which can be fitted to interchange with the .38 S&W and .455 cylinders.

* Browning BPR rifle. Prefer .22 WMR version but will consider .22LR

* Winchester M9422: like to have both rifle and carbine; either in either .22LR or .22 WMR

* M1908 Marble’s Game Getter. Must be 18 or 18-1/2 in. length and have the peep sight; will consider second model

* Colt Police Positive Target model; prefer .22 WRF cal. but .22 LR fine, too.

* Colt Offical Police .22LR

* Smith&Wesson .22/32 .22 LR Target model

* BRNO M611 rifle .22 WMR

* Star F model .22 pistols; long and short-barrel variations

* Beretta M948, M71 and M74 .22 pistols

* Astra Cub .22 Short

* S&W M422, M622 like a 4-in. and 6-in., one of which needs to be an adjustable-sight model

* High Standard B and C models and an HD Miitary

* Webley&Scott and H&R .32 ACP autoloaders—these are the basis for a Webley M1911 single-shot (already in hand); like to have the parent guns for show-and-tell purposes

* Colt Lightning .22 rifle. Clean gun but bore can be tired—we can reline if need be.

* Springfield M2 .22 rifle

* Remington M121

* S&W ‘Perfected’ Model .38 S&W (basis for the Third Model single-shot)

Guns to not have to be perfect. We need clean, photogenic guns in excellent working order with best available bores.

Books needed:

* .22 Caliber Rifle Shooting by C. S. Landis; also Twenty-Two caliber Varmint Rifles


Other 'Short' List

* S&W M15 w/pinned barrel. Clean, blue Prefer 4 in. but longer ok, too.

* BSA rifle .22 Hornet. Miniature Mauser style action with square bridges for scope mounting.

* Walther pre-war and Walther-Hammerli early post-war Olympic/target models in both .22LR and .22 Short

* Walther P38 post-war commercial. Interarms fine. Also looking for the Walther .22 conversion kit or .22 gun. Need them in clean, unharmed condition.

* H&A New Model 22LR Single-Shot Target Pistol

* Stevens Model 10 .22LR Single Shot Target Pistol.

* S&W .38 Perfected Model Double Action: any finish, any barrel length fine. Needs to be clean and tight with an excellent bore.

* Colt 1903 or 1908 pocket hammerless. Looking for a clean example with a good bore.

* In addition to a pistol-grip rifle we need a Uberti/Cimarron M1873 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine in .44-40 or .38-40 cals. Just need a clean, low-mileage shooter.

* Walther Model 1 and Model 2 .22 rifles and magazines, original factory scope mounts.

* BRNO Model 1 and Model 2 rifles

* French MAS Model 45 Mauser .22 Training Rifle

* Weaver 29S scopes with good, clear optics. Also wanted are 22MM pre-war German small game/.22 scopes and 11MM dovetail mounts. Any lever-detachable one or two piece mounts; especially interested in the mount for the Walther Model 1 or Model 2 rifle with the rear tang mount.

* Other scopes/mounts of interest include Weaver 330 and 440 scopes, Lyman Alaskans, Lyman M438s and A5s w/mounts and Unertl/Lyman/Litschert/Fecker small game scopes.

* Freedom Arms M97 in .357 Magnum. Need clean adjustable-sight gun with no material modifications; barrel length and grips unimportant. Also need a fixed-sight premium-grade gun in .50 AE or .50WE, again without material modifications; barrel length unimportant.

* Webley .38 S&W top-break revolver.

* Stainless Ruger M77 7.62X39 rifle with factory 'skeleton' stock with wood or green pastic inserts.

* Need a couple of USFA revolvers: Bisley model with USFA hard rubber  grips; caliber/configuration unimportant. Need also a Flat Top Target model with USFA black hard rubber grips fitted; again, caliber/conguration otherise unimportant but would prefer a .32-20. Need clean, unharmed guns.

* Uberti/Cimarron M1873 Winchester repro. Must have a pistolgrip lever/tang; otherwise, configuration unimportant. Prefer .44-40 caliber but would consider .38-40.

* FN Browning A-5 12-bore shotgun w/solid-rib barrel. Need a clean shooter-grade gun with no holes or abuse.

* Marlin M39 pre-war .22LR lever rifle. Must be pistol-grip stock w/excelllent bore and no extra holes. Shooter grade gun with clean exterior; wood condition of lesser importance.

* M1876 Winchester rifle. Must have a clean action w/no major pitting, tight dust cover, etc. Rest of the gun’s condition not important but would prefer a whole gun.

* Kimber Classic/Hunter model in .22LR. New-York made gun with M70 safety and Mauser-type extractor. Need nice clean shooter w/excellent bore.

* Remington M12/M121 .22 LR pump-action rifle. Need pistol-grip stock model. Must have an excellent bore.

* Pre-war Mauser Model M410b .22LR sporting rifle (repeater) Love to have one with the original scope. Will consider guns in any condition, even complete actions. Also looking for Walthers Model 1 and Model 2 .22LR rifles and magazines.

* Remington M14 in .30 and .35 Remington cals.; Also Remington M14-1/2 in .44-40 or .38-40; prefer carbines but will consider any. Need clean, unharmed shooters with perfect bores; stock and exterior finish unimportant but no major pits, goober, etc. Also interested in Model 8 and 81s in similar condition. Prefer .35s and .25s but will consider any. Especially need a .25 cal.  Model 8 in any condition but must be unaltered mechanically. Would also like to have a pistol-grip Model 8 in any cal. but must have the left side of the receiver unmarked as to model and serial number. Need Lyman tang peeps for both M14s and M8/81s.

* SAKO L46 rifles in .218 Bee, .25-20, and 7X33 Cals. Need a nice shooter but would be happy with an action, too. Also looking for SAKO rings and peep sight for this gun. Additionally need original L46 bottom metal, clips for .22 Hornet, .218 Bee, .25-20 and 7X33, original stocks especially the two-piece Mannlicher, bolts and barrels for any caliber. 

* Have a couple of Mannlicher rifles that are missing scopes. Looking for vintage scopes with the style mounts and bases shown in the photos below.

vintage scopes

vintage scopes

scope mount detials

* S&W Beckert model in sound mechanical condition w/excellent bore. No major pits, goobers or modifications but blue and grips not so important.

* Colt New Service revolvers. Looking for clean guns with perfect mechanical condition as to actions. No serious pitting, dings or goobers; bores, bluing grips, etc. condition unimportant. Especially interested in smaller caliber guns. Target models considered.

* Wanted dead or alive: vintage Lyman rear sights. Looking especially for early lever-lock, M48, M56 and M57 sights for Krags, Remington-Lees, Mausers, Winchesters and SMLE Enfields. Also looking for tang sights for Savage 99s, Remington M25s and M61/62/63 Winchester .22s. Striker-mounted sights are welcome. High on the list is an M48F for the Winchester/Browning sporter .22. Also need parts and junk sights for repairs. Please spread the word. Fair prices paid for the right stuff.

* Ruger .32 H&R Mag. adjustable-sight Single-Sixes and any .32 H&R Mag. Bisleys

* Hi-quality rook rifles by good makers. Bore condition not important. Will consider fixer-uppers.

* Remington M25 .25-20 and .32-20 rifles and carbines. Need nice, clean shooters w/excellent bores.

* Colt 1rst-model pre-war Woodsman. Finish and grip condition unimportant but must have perfect bore and free of major pits and goobers. Especially interested in a 4 in. field gun for a building project; also like a 6 in. w/adjustable front sight.

* Martini .310 Cadet rifles and actions in any condition; small martinis by other makers; high-quality rook rifles, even with bad bores.

* USFA Lightning pump rifle

* Remington-Lee sporting rifles and magazines in all calibers.

* Need a tidy M1910 Mannlicher-Schoenauer take-down rifle; also looking for an M1903 full-stock carbine with the factory-style (Springer-type?) scope mount and scope (not claw-mounts). Front base will have two pinch levers while the rear has a leg that hooks to the receiver ring at a screw.
Also looking for M1924 and M1925 models in all calibers. Especially interested in 10.75X68 caliber guns in any condition. Any model Mannlicher with special-order features such as: factory-mounted scopes, tang safeties, pop-up cheek pieces, take-downs, ribbed barrels, etc.

* Any Smith & Wesson.38/44 Heavy Duty models (especially 4 in.) and pre-war Outdoorsman models in both .22 and .38 Special, most any Triple Lock

* Savage pre-war M1899 rifles/carbines in rimmed cartridges (.22 High Power, .25-35, .30-30 and .38-55), especially take-down, pistol-grip and carbine models. Will consider any.

* Alex Henry hammer single-shot best grade-rifle with right-side lock in .360
caliber. Also looking for double-barreled Henry rifles in all calibers; especially interested in hammerless under-lever guns.

* Papa Nambu: must have a decent, shootable bore.

* Best large-frame Daniel Fraser side-lever single-shot rifle. Prefer late-model take down but will consider any. Also look for orphaned Fraser (Davidson?) scopes.

* Ruger ‘Old Model’ single-action revolvers of all sorts, especially Flat Tops. Also interested in New Model Flat Tops in both .357 and .44 calibers.

A thanks to all who over the years have responded to this list. Many of the guns we’ve bought or taken in trade and been rebuilt and sold. Many more are in the research ‘library’ and have given their all in the interests of science. Still others will occasionally figure in magazine articles and writing projects.


Detailed List

SCOTTISH RIFLES I have an abiding personal interest in the single-shot and double rifles of the great Scottish makers of the late Victorian era, especially those by Alexander Henry, Daniel Fraser, J. D. Dougall and others such as Dixon, McNaughton, McCririck, etc. Similar guns from English makers are also of interest.

At this writing, I am especially interested in a .577 double and some .360s by Henry, one of his little doubles and one of the small-frame hammer single-shots.

Early magazine rifles, whether finished and retailed by Scottish or continental makers are also of interest. Two Mannlichers, in particular are of interest: an M1910 take-down rifle and an M1903 DT 17.7 in. carbine scoped w/Springer-type mount;also and un-scoped M1903.

Photos of various rifles of interest. None of these are available for sale.

[1] This Henry .450 single-shot is available in a wide variety of calibers ranging from .360 2-1/4 in. Exp. up to 12-bore. There are several receiver sizes, appropriate to caliber. Especially interested in a small-frame .360 and a fixed-frame .400–.500 caliber large-frame model.

[2] The most common Henry take-down pattern.

[3] A Dougall double rifle built on the ‘Lockfast’ patent. Most found will be .450 or .500 but at least one .577 is known along with a few bore-gauge guns. All are most welcome.

[4] Integral discs on the standing breech and the disc recesses in the barrel set that, along with the side lever actuated cam, close the gun very tightly.

[5] Hammerless Henry double rifles, such as this under-lever .400, are of particular interest. These will have a distinctive lock plate with a cocking indicator and usually the word ‘Cocked’ in gold. These appear on both top-lever snap-action or Jones under-lever patterns and calibers from .360–.577. Any are welcome.

[6] While Mannlicher rifles appear often with scopes in traditional Continental claw mounts, the factory probably used the Springer type early on. Looking for this carbine in the M1903 model with the 17.7 in. barrel.

[7] The Springer scope mount with have a couple of pinch pads on the front mount and a strap rear mount which engage a cleated base on the front receiver ring and a screw on the left side of the rear ring.

[8] Looking for high quality rook rifles such as this Lancaster side-lock and Henry side-lever hammerless, both .250s. Interested in any maker and also in side-lock hammer versions. All calibers wanted, especially .250, .300 and .360 #5; prefer shootable bores but will consider any. Also interested in small-bore stalking rifles by most any maker in .300 Sherwood, .360 2-1/4 in., etc.

[9] Lee Speed Sporting Rifles: B.S.A. or any other maker of interest. Looking especially for guns with matte ribbed barrels, tang safeties and better grades with fancier wood,checkering, cheek pieces, engraving. etc. Most will be .303s but am also very interested in .375 2-1/2 in. rifles. Prefer excellent plus bores but will consider any.

[10] Lee Speed Rib and sight detail. Shown is the typical rolled matte rib and express/long-range combination rear sight.


HANDGUNS I need a S&W M629-4 for a magazine article project: Must be this model with square-butt, round-tang rear sight and the late-model anti-recoil modifications such as the internal thumb-latch locking bits and long-notch cylinder. I believe this is the only S&W model to combine all these features. Prefer 8-3/8 in. version but will consider any.

1. Classic American custom revolvers by various makers

.22 rimfire revolvers and parts of any sort by Alonzo Krull of Wabash, IN. Also seeking any printed material about Mr. Krull and his guns in the form of old magazine article, books, letters, etc.

Take-out cylinder single-action revolvers by R.F. Sedgley and information on them.

Custom single-action revolvers by Houchins, Croft, O’Meara and related information.

Any high-quality classic custom revolvers by good makers.

2. Early military autoloaders Astra, Bayard, Bergman, Mannlicher, Nambu (Baby and Papa), Roth-Styer, Styer-Hahn and Webley. Prefer guns free of heavy pitting and goobers with shootable bores but will consider any. Also seeking parts, stripper clips, magazines, ammo, etc.

3. Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver Looking for a nice, clean, tight, shootable example. Prefer the early small-frame guns (1901 models). Also seeking any Webley-pattern revolvers, preferable unaltered in .455 cal.

4. Any big-bore Victorian-ear English handguns Howdahs, 2 and 4 barrel Lancaster top-breaks. .577 revolvers of all types: percussion, cartridge, solid frame and top-break, especially Bland-Pryse pieces.

5. Merwin and Hulbert revolvers of all types Looking for sound shooters with very good+ bores.

6. Smith & Wesson revolvers Pre-war .22 and .38/44 Outdoorsman model and any .38/44 Heavy Duty models, especially 4 in. Virtually any Triple Lock is of interest, especially a .455 flat-top export-style Target model. M45, M48 and M53 (especially extra cylinders in .22 LR). Pre-war N-frame and New Model No. 3 parts.

7. Lugers I need a clean commercial 1920 DWM with excellent bore. Also seeking Navy toggles/sights and a DWM Artillery barrel/sight. Also like any parts, stocks stock hardware, etc.

8. Colt New Service I’m looking for a .44 Russian or .44 Special Target model, preferably with checkered (fleu-de-lis pattern) wood grips. Will also consider any .455 Targets, with std. or Metford rifling. Always seeking parts for repairs and unaltered .455 cylinders.

9. Colt SAA/Bisley Good, restorable receivers with fitted/matching grip frames and gates. Must not be heavily pitted, refinished or have ‘custom’ touches such as dovetailed sights in the receiver, etc. Always seeking Bisley hammers and triggers in good or rebuildable condition.



1. M97 Winchester shotguns with Damascus barrels Also need extra Damascus barrels/barrel assemblies.

2. Winchesters M86 .33 Lt. Wt. takedown, M95 take-downs in rimmed calibers and an M94 SRC in .25-35. Also looking for M73/76/92/94 guns with clean, tidy actions. M61/62/63 rimfires in fine condition (for the kids, you know).

3. Black powder cartridge single-shot rifles/action and double rifles by Scottish makers such as Alex Henry, Fraser, Dougall, McNaughton, Turner, etc. Also similar pieces by English makers.

4. Early military sporters by English/Scottish makers based on M95 Mannlicher, Lee Speed, Ross, Krag, Mannlicher-Schoenauer, etc.

5. Models 1903, 1905, 1908, 1910 and 1925 Mannlicher-Schoenauer carbines/rifles, actions, bolt peep sights and parts.

6. Krag rifle/carbines military/sporterized, dead or alive, good or grotesque with unrefinished/undrilled actions, plus parts, bolts, etc.

7. Colt Lightnings looking for a clean .32-20 with excellent bore. Also parts, actions for both medium and lg. frame guns.

8. Small-bore military/sporter percussion rifles by Ingram, Alex Henry, Gray, Turner, etc. Complete beaters fine.

9. Nice SMLE Mk 1, No. 3 Must be original with perfect bore. Also like early Lees.

10. 10.75X68 rifle: looking for commercial Mauser or Mannlicher Also like .303 M98 with slant-box magazine by Rigby, Wesley Richards, etc.

11. Cogswell and Harrison CERTUS bolt action rifles Epecially big-bore nitro versions in .400 and .450 NE.

12. Savage M1899 re-war rifles/carbines:Looking for rimmed calibers such as the .22 High Power, .25-35, .30-30 and .38-55. Most interested in take down, carbine and pistol-grip guns but will consider any, especially featherweight models.

13. Remington-Lee, Remington-Keene and Winchester-Hotchkiss rifles Bore and wood condition unimportant but prefer whole guns. Need good, sound restorable actions. Especially interested in Remington-Lee sporting rifles in .30-30, .30-40, .303, .35 Win. and .405 Win. calibers.


Ammo and Reloading

1. 10.75X68 dies/brass/bullets/ammo

2. Dies/brass For any of these calibers: 8X56MS, 9X56MS, 9.5X56 MS, .25-35 WCF, .22 Hi-Power, 7MM & 8MM Nambu

3. Kynoch ammo of most any caliber still in original packets/boxes.



1. Most any parts for guns above.

2. Colt Single-Action revolvers Always looking for 2nd/3rd gen. .38 Spec./.357 Mag. Cylinders, Bisley hams./trigs., early hard rubber grips in salvagable condition. Clean .32-20 bbls./cyls.

3. Ruger revolver parts Any .22, .30 Carbine, 9MM and .45 ACP, any ‘Old Model’ barrels, cylinders, hammers, triggers, Flat Top rear sights and XR3 grip frames/black grips.

4. Winchester lever-gun parts Especially interested in take-dwon lugs and related parts, special-order parts such as pistol-grip lower tangs/levers, set-trigger tangs/parts/assemblies.

5. M97 Win. Shotguns Any uncut Damascus barrels or barrel assemblies. We can trade good, strong, modern steel barrels for your Damascus parts.

6. Rifle/gun locks Brazier (or similar) locks with interrupting safety/sears from any rifle/gun, hammer/hammerless, bar/back action.

7. Smith& Wesson parts Especially need .22 LR K-frame cylinders. M53 hammers/triggers/inserts/.22LR aux. cyls., Triple Lock parts of any description. Need N-frame target barrels any caliber, any length, especially 6, 6-1/2 and 8-3/8 inc, blue and stainless. Pre-war HD cylinders and any 4 in. HD barrels.

8. Damascus barrels Any makers, any kind, any condition: blown up tubes, guns, cut tubes from sleeve jobs, orphaned barrel sets, scrap/ junker guns, etc.



Books and paper

Copy of Mannlicher Rifles and Pistols by W. H. B. Smith. Also his book on Mannlicher, Mauser and Walther guns.

Any book on the English gun trade, gunmakers and gunmaking.

Clean copy of Scrambles Amongst the Alps by Edward Whymper

The Unveiling of Timbuctoo by Galbraith Welch ( William Morrow & Co., 1939). Any edition. Also Travels Through Central Africa to Timbuctoo by Renee Caillie, 2 vol. English translation published by Henry Colburn and Richard Bently, London, 1830. Any books, articles, etc. on Caillie.

Hardback travel books by: Burnaby, Newby, Thesiger, Haliburton. Remove Peoples by Evelyn Waugh.

Natural history prints by Robert Thornton (flowers), Daniel Elliott (his birds of Paradise, the great cats), J. J. Audubon (quadrupeds). Any related editions, originals or high-quality facsimilies. Also books, papers treatises, info, etc. on or by Elliott.

Old maps of Tennesee, Kentucky, Mississippi, as states, territories, land grants, etc. Also State of Franklin.

Original Pilot’s manuals for Republic P-47 and Grumman F8F.

Magazines, books, etc. covering pre-1950 custom revolvers.

R. L. Wilson’s book L. D. Nimschke, Firearms Engraver


Wanted dead or alive: Land Rover SWB (88") pick-ups, station wagons, hard or soft tops, ’64-’70. Also need period owner’s manuals, repair/parts manuals. Any PTO winches, Fairey overdrives.

Driver wanted: a clean, straight, rust-free, running (or near running) Rover MK II 3 ltr. Sedan/coupe/salon ’64-’70. Also period owner’s/repair/parts manuals. More part cars can’t hurt either.

Wanted dead but salvageable WWII/Korean War era Dodge/Chrysler command car and M37 ¾ ton cargo truck. Prefer winch equipped with correct related front bumper.

vintage dirt bikes Want in any condition: 1974–1978 Husqvarna 125, 175, 250, 400 and 450 CR/WR/OR models. Especially looking for 1974 (1/2) Maico MC 250 and MC400 and also any other 250/400/450 Maicos of 19–1975 vintage or 501 of any vintage. Parts for all the above. Trade for guns/custom gunwork or maybe even money. Please keep your eyes open for such critters and help restore the lost childhood of a middle-age cooter.

Matchbox toys by Lesney Boxed nice-to-mint martial vehicles, singles and sets circa late ’50s/early ’60s.

Livestock Know of orphaned, unloved, unwanted or otherwise distressed male Irish wolfhounds and Scottish deerhounds of good stock in want of rescue? Being a dog is a tough job. The hours are long and the pay is low. But, we can help with happy homes with doting owners, lots of running room, cats to chase, three squares a day and medical benefits.

I would be grateful for any assistance in locating any of this stuff. Please hang onto this list and give a holler if you see anything promising out there.

Cordially yours,

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Hamilton S. Bowen

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